Educating the market: reciprocal knowledge exchange between demand and supply side focusing on the skills for the digital and green transitions

Motivation for the event Both BeWell “Blueprint alliance for a future health workforce strategy on digital and green skills” and DHU “Digital Health Uptake” tackle key priorities at EU and national level related to the use and wider adoption of digital health practices, and the associated skills and expertise of the European health workforce should possess to enable and accelerate the green and digital transitions of the health and care world. Event synopsis A robust digital health acceleration strategy should include training in digital health, not only within the curricula of healthcare professionals and allied workers but also across various [...]

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BeWell session at EHMA 2024

The European Health Management Association (EHMA), the Ministry of Health of Romania and the National Institute for Health Services Management (INMSS) are pleased to announce the 29th edition of the European Health Management Conference to take place on 5-7 June 2024 in Bucharest, Romania. BeWell project organises the session "Charting the path: green and digital skills for Europe's healthcare workforce" on Friday 07 May 2024, at 11:15pm. This session is dedicated to crafting a green and digital skills strategy tailored for Europe’s healthcare workforce. With a focus on addressing existing skills gaps and strengthening competencies crucial for the future resilience of the health workforce, [...]

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BeWell Skills Monitor: More than 40 training opportunities on green and digital skills

  The BeWell project has developed a digital skills monitor. The monitor is a web-based tool that lists both digital  and green skills training programmes for the health and care workforce in Europe. Today, the monitor enables you to take a direct look at some of the more than 40 training courses or programmes currently available to the health and care workforce on digital and green skills. Courses are classified according to a variety of life-long learning, continuous professional development, and continuous medical development programmes.   See what's on offer     Course content and attendee profiles Current courses submitted to BeWell are geared towards topics like digital literacy, digital transformation, electronic medical records, entrepreneurial skills, innovation, risk management, and [...]

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What comes next for BeWell?

Join the conversation The BeWell project is gearing up for an Online Public Consultation (OPC) on its Skills Strategy version 1, and we want YOU to be a part of it. Here’s everything you need to know:   When & where The OPC kicks off in the end of June 2024 and will be hosted on the BeWell website. That means you can participate from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with internet access.   Spread the word Partners involved in the BeWell project are going all out to promote the OPC. You’ll see announcements and invitations across [...]

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Join the Pilot Training on Urgent Needs for Digital Skills

You're invited to participate in the Pilot Training for Urgent Needs for Digital Skills that continues until 30 April 2024.  The Pilot Training aims to address the urgent needs for both Digital Skills and Green Skills that have arisen in the health sector, during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the urgent needs skills/training needs related to digital are: big data, cybersecurity, data protection management, healthcare ICT (including e.g., electronic health records), problem-solving, and telehealth. Fill in a quick form to get on board with pilot BeWell digital health training! This invitation is accompanied by a description of the topics involved in the pilot training and the types of members of the health workforce encouraged to get involved. Types range [...]

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Join the Pact for Skills Large Scale Skills Partnership for the health ecosystem

The Partnership aims to bring together all health stakeholders involved in the field of skills and support the twin transition to a green and digital economy, make EU health systems more competitive globally and enhance Europe’s open strategic autonomy. It will do this by creating a movement to discuss, anticipate, and address the skill needs of the health workforce, factoring in current issues such as staff shortages; identifying and forecasting the skill gaps in the sector; bringing together existing initiatives; and working towards a future-proof skills strategy to be implemented at local, regional, national, and, ultimately, European levels. Have a look at [...]

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BeWell project in “a Europe that cares, prepares and protects”

To mark the 2024 Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Belgian health presidency team and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies worked together to reflect on a selection of key priorities for the next Commission’s agenda with regard to the European Health Union, within a special issue of Eurohealth, the Journal of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.  The Belgian EU Council presidency is coming at a crucial time: at the end of the current EU Commission’s term of office and coinciding with European elections. This provides an opportunity to reflect on [...]

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Invitation to Engage in the Pilot Training on Urgent Needs for Digital Skills

You can now join the health workforce participating in the Pilot Training for Urgent Needs for Digital Skills that starts on January 22nd, 2024. The Pilot Training aims to address the urgent needs for both Digital Skills and Green Skills that arose in the health sector, during and following the COVID-19 pandemic.  The BeWell project addresses the need to prepare the health and care workforce for green and digital solutions introduced in the European health and care systems, to ensure they can respond to current and future challenges. This invitation is accompanied by a description of the topics involved in the pilot training and [...]

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Add your contribution to the BeWell Skills Monitor!

The digital and green skills monitor is a web-based tool that captures and facilitates comparative analysis on digital and green skills training programmes in Europe and other countries. The goal of the monitor is to provide an overview of upskilling and reskilling possibilities to empower the digitalisation and ecologicalisation of the health and care sector. This includes everything from life-long learning, continuous professional development and continuous medical development programmes that are focused on digital and green skills. Basic training such as undergraduate programmes or specialty practices are not included within the monitor. The monitor is updated on a yearly basis so that it can capture new courses, skills, and programmes for the health and care [...]

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1st workshop of the Pact for Skills: Large-scale Partnership for the Health Ecosystem

The Pact for Skills Large-Scale Partnership for the Health Ecosystem organized the 1st workshop for its members on the 22 of November 2023, in Brussels. This event, facilitated by EUREGHA,  aimed at engaging for the first time with members of the Large-Scale Partnership (LSP) for the Health Ecosystem, to provide a flash introduction on the work of BeWell project, and collect their expert feedback on key elements of the project’s work – the Theory of Change underlying the Digital and Green Skills Strategy, and the training curricula development activities. Members also had the chance to network, connect with each other [...]

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