BeWell aims to establish a multistakeholder partnership under the Pact of Skills, for re- and upskilling the health workforce. The partnership will be set up between education and training providers, VET and HE, key industry stakeholders (MedTech and pharma), public authorities (regional and national), social partners, labour market actors and research institutions. It will raise awareness of the studies and analysis carried out in the project, and of the work done on the improvement of qualifications in the sector.

We will seek engagement and involvement of target groups and relevant stakeholders in the health sector, including in education and training

Building on the skills intelligence and expert networks engaged in the research, since its start, the project will use co-creation methods to assure the appropriate engagement and participation of the project’s target groups and final users. Extensive stakeholder engagement activities will help prioritize, define challenges and identify solutions for developing, reviewing, validating and integrating project results.

Partnership manifesto

A pan-European multi-stakeholder Partnership on health workforce upskilling and reskilling has been launched to support the twin transition to a green and digital economy, make EU health systems more competitive globally, and enhance Europe’s open strategic autonomy. It will do this by creating a movement to discuss, anticipate, and address the skill needs of the health workforce, factoring in current issues such as staff shortages; identifying and forecasting the skill gaps in the sector; bringing together existing initiatives; and working towards a future-proof skills strategy to be implemented at local, regional, national, and, ultimately, European levels. The Partnership is co-funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the BeWell project. All agencies involved in health in Europe are invited to join the Partnership.

The Pact for Skills for the Health Ecosystem

The Pact for Skills Large-scale Partnership (LSP) for the Health Ecosystem is coordinated by the European Health Management Association (EHMA).

You can register your organization as a member of this Large-scale Partnership (LSP) through the link below. The registration number to join the Health Partnership is 1034.

A step-by-step guidance note and a video with detailed instructions are available for members of Large-scale Partnerships (LSP) to register their organisation to the Pact for Skills. The purpose of this process is to create a fully integrated list of all Pact for Skills members to allow the Support Services to streamline, enhance, and tailor its support to the members of the Pact.

Partnership members

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