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The Partnership aims to bring together all health stakeholders involved in the field of skills and support the twin transition to a green and digital economy, make EU health systems more competitive globally and enhance Europe’s open strategic autonomy. It will do this by creating a movement to discuss, anticipate, and address the skill needs of the health workforce, factoring in current issues such as staff shortages; identifying and forecasting the skill gaps in the sector; bringing together existing initiatives; and working towards a future-proof skills strategy to be implemented at local, regional, national, and, ultimately, European levels. Have a look at the Partnership manifesto to know more.

The BeWell consortium, in particular the European Regional and Local Health Authorities association (EUREGHA) and the European Health Management Association (EHMA – BeWell coordinator), will coordinate and manage the Partnership (Partnership Coordination Team) until the end of the project in June 2026.

Why joining?

By signing up to the Partnership, you will be able to:

  • Connect and exchange information and best practices with other key actors across Europe engaged in the re-skilling and up-skilling of the health workforce at European, national, regional, or local levels.
  • Share your ongoing or planned re-skilling and up-skilling commitments. Commitments can range from direct involvement in skilling activities with specific targets of professionals to advocacy/communication activities and promotion of the importance of re-skilling and upskilling.
  • Participate in the Partnership activities, including workshops, drafting of strategic documents, participation in surveys (see “Latest and upcoming activities” below).
  • Participate in the drafting of the Partnership outcomes.
  • Access dedicated resources and tools produced by the European Commission, including three hubs:
    • Networking Hub – a resource dedicated to find partners and relevant EU tools (like Europass, Skills Panorama, EURES and the European Network of Public Employment Services);
    • Knowledge Hub – a resource dedicated to share webinars, seminars and peer learning activities for members; updates on EU policies and instruments, as well as information on projects, tools, and best practices;
    • Guidance Hub – a resource dedicated to share information about EU and national funding opportunities, and guidance to partnering with national and regional authorities.


How to join?

You can register your organisation as a member of this Large-scale Skills Partnership (LSP) through this link to the Pact for Skills registration form.

Please note  –The registration number to join the health Partnership is 1034. Adding this number to your registration is essential for the BeWell Partnership Coordination Team to identify new Partnership members. Please have a look at the step-by-step guidance note for further information and at the short guidance video on BeWell’s website Partnership page.


Latest and upcoming activities

  • 22 November 2023First Partnership in-person full-day workshop in Brussels. You can find the highlights here.
  • 22 January 2024 | 30 April 2024 | Opportunity for engagement in BeWell’s pilot trainings on Urgent Needs for Digital Skills
  • February 2024 | Flash survey on the estimation of healthcare workers with digital and green skills in the short- and medium-term future
  • June 2024 | December 2024 | Open public consultation on the first version of BeWell’s Skills Strategy for the Health Ecosystem (available in 9 languages: EN, BG, NL, FR, DE, GR, IT, NO, RO)
  • November 2024 | Second Partnership in-person full-day workshop in Brussels.