Published On: November 28, 2023Categories: News, Uncategorized

The Pact for Skills Large-Scale Partnership for the Health Ecosystem organized the 1st workshop for its members on the 22 of November 2023, in Brussels.

This event, facilitated by EUREGHA,  aimed at engaging for the first time with members of the Large-Scale Partnership (LSP) for the Health Ecosystem, to provide a flash introduction on the work of BeWell project, and collect their expert feedback on key elements of the project’s work – the Theory of Change underlying the Digital and Green Skills Strategy, and the training curricula development activities. Members also had the chance to network, connect with each other and share their own activities on digital and green skills.

Topics and discussion included:

  • An introduction to the Theory of Change, by EuroHealthNet, and a fruitful discussion among the members on the Theory of Change framework, focusing on what needs to change with regards to digital and green skills in the health and care ecosystem, in 3 levels: short-, medium-, and long-term.
  • A presentation of the BeWell activities that will feed on the changes mentioned above, and an engaging discussion with members sharing skilling activities of their respective organizations and reflecting on how these can relate to the Theory of Change outcomes.
  • A presentation, by ITS, of the training programs developed by the BeWell project, and the first set of qualification matrices. Participants provided their feedback on the structure of the training programs, the main content, the structure of the qualification matrices, and their general impressions of the learning outcomes.
  • A presentation, by NIVEL, of the scoping review and with regards to green skills, and an engaging discussion with members focusing on the importance of courses for green skills literacy, sustainability and waste management.

BeWell project thanks all LSP members for their participation, and invites you to stay tuned! 2024 will be full of BeWell activities, shaping the health and care workforce of tomorrow!