Implementing Digital Healthcare Transformation

This course provides practical knowledge and resources for deploying digital transformation in healthcare. It emphasizes the importance of leadership, strategy, and governance in driving the process. Participants learn how to shift organizational mindsets and prioritize people over technology. The course also showcases use cases and success stories. By completing this course, learners gain the necessary skills to implement digital healthcare transformation effectively.       Visit provider's page

Service Design for Digital Healthcare Transformation

This course introduces learners to design thinking and its application in driving innovation in digital health. Participants will gain an understanding of the design thinking process, explore different types of health design innovation, and learn how to implement design thinking using various tools. The course emphasizes collaboration and stakeholder convergence and teaches effective patient journey mapping with data and technology. By the end of the course, learners will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to apply design thinking principles in digital healthcare transformation.       Visit provider's page

Technologies for Digital Health Transformation

This course aims to equip participants with knowledge and competencies for engaging in DHT activities within the clinical workplace aand identify catalysing factors, barriers, challenges and opportunities related to medical technologies. Modules include: Introduction to healthcare transformation; Digitalisation of healthcare; Tools and methods; Medical technologies.     Visit provider's page  

Digital Health Transformation in Health Institutions

This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding to integrate digital transformation in healthcare settings and explore the evolving roles in this area. The course covers essential modules such as eHealth introduction, empowering new professional roles, project development, execution and implementation, evaluation, and effective communication of digital health projects.     Visit provider's page  

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