ORCHA Digital Health Academy programme

This program is designed for frontline health professionals seeking to safely use and recommend digital health tools. It consists of bite-sized videos and covers the functionality of health apps, the digital health landscape, adoption barriers, and the importance of prescribing quality digital health products. This program addresses the need for accessible knowledge in utilizing digital tools, making it valuable for the digital skills development of the health workforce.       Visit provider's page

Professional Diploma in Leading Digital Health Transformation

This course offers a comprehensive toolkit to explore digital solutions and enables participants to influence and lead digital health transformation. It equips healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to address everyday healthcare challenges using digital technologies, ultimately improving patient care and empowerment.       Visit provider's page

Implementing Digital Healthcare Transformation

This course provides practical knowledge and resources for deploying digital transformation in healthcare. It emphasizes the importance of leadership, strategy, and governance in driving the process. Participants learn how to shift organizational mindsets and prioritize people over technology. The course also showcases use cases and success stories. By completing this course, learners gain the necessary skills to implement digital healthcare transformation effectively.       Visit provider's page

Service Design for Digital Healthcare Transformation

This course introduces learners to design thinking and its application in driving innovation in digital health. Participants will gain an understanding of the design thinking process, explore different types of health design innovation, and learn how to implement design thinking using various tools. The course emphasizes collaboration and stakeholder convergence and teaches effective patient journey mapping with data and technology. By the end of the course, learners will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to apply design thinking principles in digital healthcare transformation.       Visit provider's page

Technologies for Digital Health Transformation

This course aims to equip participants with knowledge and competencies for engaging in DHT activities within the clinical workplace aand identify catalysing factors, barriers, challenges and opportunities related to medical technologies. Modules include: Introduction to healthcare transformation; Digitalisation of healthcare; Tools and methods; Medical technologies.     Visit provider's page  

Electronic Medical Records Training

The project aims to improve the quality of services provided by medical entities, by increasing the competence and knowledge of the employees of medical entities in the creation of e-prescription, e-prescribing, Electronic Medical Records (EMD) and Internet Patient Account (IKP).   Eligibility criteria • current contract with National Health Fund (NHF)   Visit provider's page    

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Digital and Health Transformation: What opportunities for risk management?

This is an intensive, on-site course that aims to provide healthcare professionals with an understanding of the role and impact of digital transformation on health services. With a practical focus on the French healthcare context, this course highlights the importance of digital literacy for healthcare administrators and medical professionals, preparing them to leverage digital technologies for improved health outcomes. The training offers vital skills in an increasingly digital healthcare landscape, underscoring its relevance for modern healthcare practice.   Eligibility criteria • healthcare professional • basic operational/governance knowledge of health establishments and their funding/resource allocation mechanisms • French proficiency   Visit [...]

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