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You can now join the health workforce participating in the Pilot Training for Urgent Needs for Digital Skills that starts on January 22nd, 2024.

The Pilot Training aims to address the urgent needs for both Digital Skills and Green Skills that arose in the health sector, during and following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The BeWell project addresses the need to prepare the health and care workforce for green and digital solutions introduced in the European health and care systems, to ensure they can respond to current and future challenges.

This invitation is accompanied by a description of the topics involved in the pilot training and the types of members of the health workforce encouraged to get involved.

Should you wish to accept our invitationwe would like you to fill out this Form so you can be informed about the launch date and timelines of the Pilot Training Programmes.

We remain available for any further information you may need, and we would be honoured to welcome you soon to be part of the Pilot Training.



Join the Pilot Training

The Pilot Training will focus on the following seven topics:

  • Telehealth (televisiting, telemonitoring, telenursing, telemedicine, wearable devices)
  • Digital tools for Problem-solving
  • Increase Office and Google Suite knowledge
  • Healthcare data protection management (General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR])
  • Cybersecurity in Healthcare
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Healthcare ICT (Radiology Information Systems, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems, Electronic Health Records)


The Pilot Training welcomes people who are part of the Health and Care Workforce as:

  • An advanced practice nurse
  • A bachelor nurse
  • A healthcare assistant
  • A doctor
  • A public health professional
  • A medical technician
  • A member of staff (e.g., administrator/management/medical supplier)



Background to BeWell’s urgent needs training pilot programmes

Based on the curricula and training programmes developed, the modular training at European Qualifications Framework (EQF) levels 3-5 and EQF 6-8 will focus on initial education and continuing professional development (reskilling and up-skilling).

This training is targeted at a broad range of members of the health and care workforce while considering the existing disparities in healthcare and educational systems within and across European countries. It has a view to enhancing knowledge transfer and cooperation.

To address ‘urgent needs’, the pilot training will focus on offering micro-credentials to address needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the increasing demand for digital and green skills in the healthcare sector.

The training for emerging occupational profiles will address the rapidly changing convergence of requirements such as digitisation, ethics, and cybersecurity in the context of integrated care, resource conservation, waste management, workforce shortages, and demographic change, among others.

Two of the main objectives of the BeWell Project are to design new curricula and training programmes to satisfy the skills needs posed by health systems, particularly highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help the modernisation and digitalisation of the national public system through the re-skilling and upskilling of the health workforce.

According to the skills needs arising from the Covid-19 Urgent Needs Questionnaire, developing the training programmes will help the European Health Workforce better understand the efficacy and effectiveness of the training themselves and the impact on the workforce and, consequently, the health system.

The results of the pilot training exercise will be taken into consideration during the definition of the Skills Strategy for one of the most important sectors of civil society.

The training programme will follow two directions:

  1. The development of new curricula and training courses for re-skilling and upskilling the health workforce (urgent needs), focusing on green and digital skills.
  2. The development of new curricula and training courses (Universities, VET providers) for students, health professionals (nurses, doctors, operators, managers) and companies that will connect the needs of the health system and the companies (emerging occupations).

With your participation in the Pilot Training on Urgent Needs, you will have access to diverse but concrete content that was developed based on the current needs of the Health Workforce. You will be also able to assess your knowledge and skills and further explore new content and information.