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Motivation for the event

Both BeWell “Blueprint alliance for a future health workforce strategy on digital and green skills” and DHU “Digital Health Uptake” tackle key priorities at EU and national level related to the use and wider adoption of digital health practices, and the associated skills and expertise of the European health workforce should possess to enable and accelerate the green and digital transitions of the health and care world.

Event synopsis

A robust digital health acceleration strategy should include training in digital health, not only within the curricula of healthcare professionals and allied workers but also across various other professional fields such as legal, administrative, digital health architecture, and IT. This is crucial considering the extensive and multiprofessional interconnections within the health sector and the complexities of its settings that include hospitals, nursing homes, community etc, as well as the influences of the built environment for health urging the green transition.

Ensuring that training institutions have the capacity to establish or expand digital and green health literacy is of utmost relevance to implement the green and digital transformation of health and care, sharing its burden on both public and private stakeholders, be they profit and not for profit.

The emphasis is placed on ongoing education and accreditation to foster a workforce that is adept at positioning in the evolving landscape of digital and green health, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness and integration of innovative technologies in healthcare practices and service provision in smart, health, and age-friendly environments.

A look at mature experiences, lessons learned, and upcoming activities to provide a broad picture of the current evolution of the skills in the framework of the digital and green transformation will be part of the workshop.

If we look at the social and health sectors as an example of application, there is a paradigmatic shift towards proactive interventions bringing the person at the centre and exploiting mHealth solutions during the entire life course. This broadens the settings where the interventions take place, as well as the type of professionals involved, with the emerging need of knowledge transfer in terms of skills and education within and between both private and public sectors.

The following projects represent real experiences developed in different perspectives that address the need for the transformation of skills with a multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary perspective that directly or indirectly impact health:

  • Nectar [a completed project]: upskilling cooks for healthy living
  • NewEcoSmart: Reskilling and upskilling in rural areas habitat sector
  • TeamCare: Developing specialists in community based interprofessional teams for enhanced person-centered care
  • BeWell: Strengthening green and digital skills in the health sector

The discussion will focus on the expected impact of the skills needed to facilitate and drive the uptake of digital transformation, particularly in terms of social return, sustainable development, new job creation, and other areas.



5 min Welcome and Introduction
Federica Margheri, Interim Executive Director – EHMA
15 min Overview of the vision at local level of the digital transformation of health and care local strategic decision makers

–        Local Health Care Authority Speaker, tbc

–        Carmen Fusilli, Fondazione Istituto Tecnico Superiore per le nuove tecnologie della vita

–        Valentina Regazzoni – Department of S.C. Riabilitazione Specialistica Cardiovascolare ASST Bergamo EST – Ospedale Bolognini Seriate

10 min The training in the health sector from the perspective of the industry
Claire Nassiet, EIT Health
30 min Examples of training in digital health to accelerate the uptake of digital solutions

–        Nectar, Serena Alvino, EU project manager – SI4Life Scrl

–        TeamCare, Niamh Walsh, Research Assistant – UPGRADE European Centre of Excellence

–        NewEcoSmart, Maddalena Illario, Coordinator Research and Development Public Health department, Federico II University

10 min Strengthening green and digital skills in the health sector
Lyudmil Ninov, Programme Manager – EHMA, BeWell Coordinator
15 min Q&A
5 min Conclusions

Federica Margheri, EHMA – Natalia Allegretti, ECHAlliance