Published On: September 28, 2022Categories: News

The European Health Management Association (EHMA) is a Brussels-based, non-profit membership organisation that advocates for excellent health management for a healthy Europe. EHMA brings together health and hospital managers, healthcare professionals, researchers, educators, academia, policy and decision makers. EHMA provides an environment where evidence, challenge and experience are valued and complex debates on current topics take place. EHMA plays a crucial role in engaging with the full ecosystem of European health management systems.

EHMA is the lead partner of the BeWell consortium. Being the coordinator, EHMA oversees the timely and quality delivery of the project results and ensures adequate support to partners when needed.

EHMA is also in charge of developing the first upskilling and reskilling strategy for the health ecosystem, to prepare health professionals to cope with the changes related to the green and digital transition. The first version of the strategy will be published by summer 2023. After a large-sale and inclusive consultation and integrating input from the curricula and training programmes, the final version of the strategy will be released in summer 2026.

Listen to EHMA’s George Valiotis talking about the importance of BeWell here