Published On: November 7, 2022Categories: News

BeWell transforms the health workforce of tomorrow

The key ambition of BeWell is to develop, until 2026, a green and digital skills strategy for the health ecosystem that can be implemented at local, regional, national, and ultimately at European level through the Pact for Skills.  

The work on the strategy was kicked-off at the multi-stakeholder workshop hosted by the coordinator European Health Management Association (EHMA) in Brussels on 19-20 October 2022. The objective for this highly interactive, co-creation workshop was to develop a common vision across the different stakeholder views represented by the consortium partners through establishing a roadmap for the strategy with concrete timeline and milestones towards implementation. 

The inclusive discussions allowed each consortium member to voice their view and expectations towards the strategy and generate a common vision of what we aim at and look forward to. Thanks to the joint effort the project will be able to deliver the blueprint that is truly transformative and addresses not only the current needs but also the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. The need for strategic foresight and exploring different scenarios was expressed by the participants.

George Valiotis, Director at EHMA is looking forward to the Strategy. “We welcome the 2023 Year of Skills in the EU, and BeWell are happy to be part of the European-wide effort to ensure the healthcare workforce is equipped with the skills needed to take advantage of the digital and green transformations. BeWell is developing a strategy to make sure people are safer, more effective, and therefore productive in their work. The strategy will describe current and future skills needs of the health workforce, identify and forecast the skill gaps, and bring together existing initiatives taking place across Europe.”  

Paul De Raeve, Secretary General of European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) agrees. “In a more and more challenging world, we need to stay updated, we need tools that facilitate our daily frontline work as nurses and we need digital skills to embrace all the digital solutions that do so. Therefore it is important nurses are engaged in the co-creation of digital tools used frontline to deliver better health outcomes. We urgently need frontline fit-for-purpose digital solutions that support nurses and empower nurses in direct patient care.”

The strategy will be further developed in a co-creative manner with stakeholders across the diversity of the health ecosystem. The first draft will be published for consultation in June 2023. 

The shaping and implementation of the strategy will be supported through a dedicated Partnership that will be launched in December 2022. “The intention of BeWell is to build an alliance that is open to the entire health ecosystem, and ultimately becomes part of the EU Pact for Skills, creating a pan-European movement on health workforce skilling”, said Michele Calabro, Director at EUREGHA, who will coordinate this stream of work.