Circular Strategies for Sustainable Healthcare

The Circular Strategies for Sustainable Healthcare course takes an interdisciplinary approach to promote sustainability in both supplier and user perspectives. It helps designers and suppliers create value through circular economy principles, while also assisting hospitals and healthcare organizations in developing intelligent circular solutions. By addressing these aspects, the course empowers stakeholders to embrace circular strategies and advance sustainability in the healthcare sector.   Visit provider's page    

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The Green GP Course

We all have become more aware of our effect on the environment in recent years. Many of us will have made considerable changes in our day-to-day lives but have you considered about changing general practice? What if, with some simple changes you could: Improve outcomes for your patients right now, Reduce practice demand, Save the practice money, AND help save the environment? It almost sounds too good to be true but it IS possible and we will explain how on the NB Green GP course.   Visit provider's page        

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Carbon Footprinting for Healthcare

Designed for healthcare professionals and quality improvement leads, this course focuses on Carbon Footprinting for Healthcare. It aims to provide a clear comprehension of the concept of a carbon footprint and its application in the healthcare industry's pursuit of achieving net zero emissions. The course also covers the methodology and techniques used to measure carbon footprints within the health sector.   Visit provider's page      

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