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The BeWell project has developed a digital skills monitorThe monitor is a web-based tool that lists both digital  and green skills training programmes for the health and care workforce in Europe.

Today, the monitor enables you to take a direct look at some of the more than 40 training courses or programmes currently available to the health and care workforce on digital and green skills.

Courses are classified according to a variety of life-long learning, continuous professional development, and continuous medical development programmes.




Course content and attendee profiles

Current courses submitted to BeWell are geared towards topics like digital literacy, digital transformation, electronic medical records, entrepreneurial skills, innovation, risk management, and service design. Several are focused on cybersecurity in the health field. They are intended to attract all types of health and care professionals, people who work in both care services and the social care sector, pharmacists, and cancer specialists.

These courses can be completed in a wide range of lengths of time, from two days to three years. Some are free (e.g., for members of the workforce in their countries’ national health services); others have prices on application. Many offer certificates of completion.

Many courses are offered either by national health services or by universities. In the European Union, they can be found in e.g., Finland, Germany, Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands, and in different languages, including Portuguese and Spanish. Outside Europe, courses have been spotlit in Switzerland and the United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, and Wales) and in Canada and the United States of America.


Regular updating

BeWell welcomes ongoing submissions of new courses and programmes. The monitor is updated on a regular basis. Thus, it is capturing new courses, skills, and programmes for the health and care field. Additions will be focused both on existing and emerging digital professions. It uses the information you submit to facilitate comparative analysis on what is happening throughout Europe.




BeWell is involved in its training course development

Meanwhile, BeWell is also designing – and ultimately piloting – its own set of nine training courses on urgent digital skills for the health and care workforces. They range from helping you to know about big data/data analytics, telemedicine, and the use of common software like Google and Microsoft applications.