ECHAlliance Group is a multi-stakeholder international organisation, facilitating connection and knowledge exchange among the players engaged in digital health innovation and deployment, driving sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care. Active in Europe and beyond, its community gathers -more than 900 member organisations, incl. governments, health & social care providers, leading companies and start-ups, researchers, insurances, patient organisations, citizens and investors. ECHAlliance facilitates the creation of local, regional and national digital health ecosystems which components gather in regular meetings. Furthermore, it organises key international events such as the yearly Digital Health and Wellness Summit.

Digital Health Observatory (DHO) portal and the Digital Health Society (DHS) movement, powered by ECHAlliance, are key vehicles to encourage the transfer of lessons learnt and good practices.

In BeWell, ECHAlliance is a leader of communication & dissemination activities in WP9. It also contributes to the development of the skills strategy in WP3 and sustainability work in WP8.